Friday, July 10, 2009

DSK Giveaway #3

I love giveaway and I am here to take part in DSK Givaway #3, you can take part too. This contest is held at


1. DSK's Triple Swarovski Heart Necklace!
Colors shown are Moonlight, Golden Shadow, and Light Amethyst
(you can pick the colors if you win, round link chain only)

If you would like to buy now ($35), I'm offering free shipping anywhere on this necklace

2. DSK's New Swarovski Circle of Life Necklace (not yet debuted!)

3. DSK's New Swarovski Pearl Collection Bracelet (not yet debuted!)

Pictures will be posted closer to the last week of the Giveaway!


1. Be a full on DSK follower

2. Mention my 3rd Giveaway randomly & anywhere, blog, youtube, facebook, so more ladies and
gents get a chance to see what DSK Giveaways are all about!

3. Leave a comment in this post: "I Love DSK"
& Leave me your name & email

4. Good Luck!

*The more people you get to join the better because I will give away 1 prize if 100 people enter, 2 prizes if 150 people enter, 3 prizes if 200 or more people enter*

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