Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yuuki's Drama list

This is a blog review entry for Yuuki’s TwinBlogversary Contest.

If you love to watch drama series, you have the same interest like Yuuki. Check out the Drama Queen blog the author is Yuuki. Find out what Korea Drama listed at her blog. I know that Yuuki loves drama series and she has many pending drama to watch.

Not just Korea Drama, but also Taiwan Drama, Japan Drama. These are the Asian Drama but she also likes the American drama such as True Blood, Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes and House.

This blog is mostly about Drama series that Yuuki likes to watch. Find out why she does not like too much drama, she prefers comedy and romance drama. Yuuki also likes to take part in meme of Music Monday, and Post It Note Tuesday.

Yuuki updates her blog at least twice a week. You can share your view on the drama series. She watches the drama series from her computer, I mean the another laptop. Well if you like to know about Drama Series that Yuuki interested visit her blog.

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