Monday, August 31, 2009

100+ followers giveaway

I sure love giveaway and I am taking part in 100+ followers giveaway at

♥ Beauty Nation Glam lashes
♥ Natural Collection 'Mango & Papaya' body spray
♥ Natural Collection 'Mango & Papaya' Hi-shine Hair Conditioner
♥ Mudd Peel off face mask
♥ Barry M Dazzle Dust (3) 'Pink/Gold'
♥ Barry M Dazzle Dust (69) 'Saphire'
♥ Make-up Academy Nail Polish 'Soda Pop'

The rules:
♥ You must be a follower
♥ You must post on your blog about this giveaway linking back to my blog
♥ You must comment this post with a link to your post regarding the giveaway
♥ You must state your fashion icon :o)

Competition cosing date: Monday 7th September 8pm (GMT)
I will post anywhere free of charge!
The winner will be picked via names out of a hat.
I will state who it is in a post and then we will go from there!!
(Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!)
Okay... good luck!!!

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